Wealth for Life

Investing is simple. The financial industry works hard to complicate it.

What Sets Rance Frederick & Associates Apart?

We build portfolios for consistent returns. Rance Frederick and Associates help our clients avoid downside market pitfalls.
Our customers don’t hang their hats on risky stocks or low-return bonds.
We help our clients realize absolute and consistent returns.
  • Expert Strategies to Build and Protect Tax-free Portfolios
  • Unparalleled Consistency in Growth
  • Our Clients Appreciate Returns Without Suffering Market Downturns
Wealth for Now
Wealth for Life
A Guide for Your Money and Financial Future.
Rance’s latest ebook “Wealth for Life” outlines his approach to growing clients' wealth without exposing them to the increasingly frequent downturns in the market. Anyone can make money when the market is doing well, what’s your plan when the inevitable happens?
In the current era of low and unstable economic growth, returns from equity markets are likely to be lackluster and volatile. Portfolios, relying heavily on equity returns for their growth may continue to disappoint. Absolute return strategies may be the answer, as they aim to deliver positive returns, irrespective of whether equity markets are rising or falling. Investors need to rethink how to achieve their short, medium, and long-term financial goals. Absolute return strategies outlined in this ebook may hold the answers you seek.
In this ebook you’ll learn more about Rance’s approach to absolute return investing and how he helps clients grow Wealth for Now, Wealth for Life, and Wealth for Legacy.

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