About Us

Rance Frederick and Associates is built on the principles of absolute returns. We offer our clients top-tier independent investment management while minimizing their exposure to the fluctuations of the market. We are committed to advising our clients with integrity and excellence. We find the best financial solutions for each individual’s situation to build and protect their wealth. We look forward to helping you understand, define, and reach your financial goals based on your individual circumstances.
Rance Frederick and Associates leverage our broad range of expertise and many relationships with top-tier companies to utilize the strategies and products that will benefit our clients while minimizing their risk.
As a Registered Investment Advisor and Independent Financial Planner, Rance Frederick works diligently to tailor each client’s financial plan to suit their needs with a focus on absolute returns. Rance and his associates understand that every client has different financial goals. Some want to grow wealth quickly in the short-term while others are more focused on what they’ll leave behind, but at the end of the day, they all seek the same thing, tangible returns.
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